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Rental of backhoe loader

Rental of backhoe loader
    Rental price
  • Mark: Terex 825 UMG
  • Price per hour: 2000 RUB
  • Price per day: 14000 RUB



Price for delivery: - Contract

The basic equipment is equipped with a jaw bucket, due to the same length of the boom and the rear handle of the bucket, the operator can dig close to the machine, thereby saving fuel on moving. The JCB 3 CX backhoe loader weighing 7300 kg is characterized by the presence of a rather powerful engine of 79 hp. The technique shows excellent results when working on uneven terrain due to high clearance. The bucket swivel angle is 201 °, so that the machine has free access to the work area even in tight spaces.

The backhoe loader is a multifunctional machine that is needed at every construction site. With its help, you can develop a small excavation pit or trench for communications, bring sand or unload construction materials. The technique is well applicable in road construction, both for opening the roadway, and for cutting the top layer of soil.

Excavator loader JCB 3 CX has excellent accuracy when performing "jewelry" work and almost replace all manual labor. We employ only highly qualified operators with extensive experience. Using special fasteners (quick removal), it is possible to quickly install attachments without leaving the cab (narrow bucket, hydraulic hammer, hydraulic drill, etc.).

The JCB 3 CX backhoe loader is three cars in one: a loader, an excavator and a bulldozer. The digging depth is 5.5 m, the unloading height is 3.2 m. The load capacity of the front bucket is 1500 kg. 1000kg rear bucket capacity. Equipment can reach speeds of up to 37 km / h. Unlike Model 2 CX, the 3CX excavator has a large front bucket capacity (1.1 m3).

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