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Dump Truck Rental

Dump Truck Rental
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  • Mark: MAN TGA 41.480 Главн
  • Price per day: 14000 RUB


Price for delivery: - Contract


Specialized construction equipment is used not only by large developers, but also by individuals for whom the acquisition of an industrial park is not profitable. Investments in maintenance and repair of equipment are constant, and rent is a one-time expense.

For large construction companies, renting a MAN TGA 41.480 dump truck is a solution that eliminates the need to maintain the machine in working condition and spend money on maintenance. This technique is far from necessary in every type of work, if your company does not specialize in transporting sand or developing pits. Why rent MAN MAN TGA 41.480?

carrying capacity - 25 tons;
body volume 20 meters cubic.