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Forklift rental

Forklift rental
    Rental price
  • Mark: Hyundai 20DA-7E
  • Price per day: 8500 RUB


Price for delivery: - Contract


Compact loading and unloading special equipment is often used when performing tasks in warehouses, in the railway and shipping sectors, which implies the presence of impressive power indicators, despite the small size of the unit itself. Therefore, before renting a forklift in Moscow, you need to pay attention to its characteristics so that they correspond to the complexity of the tasks assigned to you. In the case of 20 DA-7E, the situation is as follows:

operational weight as standard reaches 3166 kilograms;
length, height and width - 3200х2108х1067 millimeters;
carrying capacity is 2 tons;
a four-cylinder diesel power plant from KUBOTA version V2203 with a capacity of 42 horsepower;
maximum speed of 19.5 kilometers per hour;
the maximum lifting height is 3.32 meters.