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Dump Truck Rental

Dump Truck Rental
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  • Mark: КАМАЗ 6520
  • Price per day: 11500 RUB


Price for delivery: - Contract


KAMAZ 6520 with a body volume of 16-18 m3, unlike its predecessors (55111 and 65115), is used both for work on the territory of the construction site and for the delivery of bulk materials to customer facilities. KAMAZ 6520 is often rented for the removal of construction waste to a landfill.

An armor-piercing machine can reach speeds of up to 80 km / h, as for its mass, it is equal to 17.5 tons. The machine is capable of withstanding the loss of a wheel from the wheelbase, characterized by the possibility of rear unloading (16 m3-18m3). Engine power is 320 hp. The turning radius is 9.3 m. Due to the unique design, which includes a powerful hydraulic mechanism, it is possible to work with materials weighing up to 24 tons.
The KAMAZ 6520 dump truck is characterized by reliability, excellent handling and off-road patency, along with maximum stability when cornering and economical fuel consumption.